Healthcare Savings Card Benefits

CareMDRx's Portal Offers:

  • Managed medical & pharmacy bills
  • Seamless provider payment processing
  • Medicare reporting on identified WC claims
Providing you with the the country's largest medical and pharmacy networks, you will spend less time on your healthcare and save money. Let CareMDRx work for you by directing your medical providers to send your bills directly to us. We manage any medical overcharges, duplicate billing, or confusing statements. Enjoy the benefits of the CareMDRx by signing up today.

What is CareMDRx? 

Managing payments can be overwhelming, especially after an accident. That’s why CareMDRx has created a program - to help when people need it most. CareMDRx is designed to provide clarity, efficiency, and savings in the post-settlement healthcare system. The best part? You will save by accessing networks, otherwise unaccessible, to have more funds available for medical services. Our proprietary technology provides several useful benefits to Medicare beneficiaries, people soon to be enrolled in Medicare, or individuals personally responsible for their medical, pharmacy, and durable medical equipment expenses.